Bexhill UK In-House Premium Funding Solution

Our unique in-house facility is for insurance brokers who want the convenience and rewards that come with running their own premium finance company.

Ask yourself, what is important to your business right now? What is going to be important in 5 years? Do you want more flexibility and control over the finance you offer your customers? How about increased margins and profits? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then maybe our in-house facility is something you need to seriously consider.

The Bexhill UK approach is focused on the true spirit of partnership with brokers. Our core business is broker enablement whereby we provide regulatory and operational consultation, IT software and financing resources to assist brokers to own and operate a premium finance company.

We support brokers to maximise the benefit to their business from the financing of their customers' insurance premiums. Our in-house solution allows you the opportunity to substantially improve the profitability from your premium finance business.

The Bexhill UK Premium Funding Management System requires minimal knowledge to get you started. It is easy to operate and comes with smart and user-friendly features to manage your funding solutions. We also provide extensive training and support, so you will never be left alone.

Our expert team work with you from initial contact to go live ensuring a seamless relationship. We appreciate that for a lot of brokers this is something totally new so we are on hand to help at every step of the way. We also have lots of brokers that are happy to share their experiences with other brokers looking to try this for the first time.

Our ethos is all around customer satisfaction, the reason brokers stay with us is because we go the extra mile, now that’s easy for many to say but ask yourself if your provider puts that into practice. If not, then maybe you need to talk to Bexhill UK.


  • Enhanced Profit - opportunity to substantially improve profitability from premium finance business
  • Control and flexibility of premium finance process - you have better control over your premium finance business with streamlined processes and increased efficiency
  • Control of customer journey – able to offer a customized flexible financing facility to your customers
  • Regulatory consultation – we are experienced in FCA authorisation
  • Robust Software – our proven software is specially built to manage your premium finance business
Talk to us so we can put together a personalised model especially for the unique needs of your business. This is not a one size fits all approach and we tailor our solution to fit your business.

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