The In-House solution allows you to run your own finance company using our systems and expertise. Our aim is to help you become self-funded so that you can increase your profitability but it’s not only about that. It’s also about the flexibility this solution provides you and your most important people, your clients. We have been offering this product to Brokers in the UK for over 15 years and are experts in this field so trust in us that we can help you achieve your ambitions. The Direct solution is fundamentally what you are used to but with a few tweaks so that it’s done the Bexhill way. Our default fees are low and we do not require a minimum level of funding.Essentially you can start using the direct solution almost straight away.

You can set up a separate finance company where you will need to gain full FCA authorisation to become a lender. Alternatively you can get a Variation of Permission on your existing Brokerage.

This is entirely dependent on your business. Most will not need to employ anyone else because the team will already be loading deals through a third part finance provider. There will of course be changes because it will be a new way of working however most teams cope with these changes and it does not usually mean much in the way of extra work. We are also here to provide any training you need.

We get asked this question frequently. Our system is the full package and has been developed over many years. It collects Direct Debits and has an in-built accounting package so you do not need anything else.

Like all of our products we want to offer you and your client’s flexibility, you can therefore offer any term from 3-11 months.

Yes this is a requirement for both the finance company and the Insurance Brokerage to keep a signed copy of the credit agreement and the direct debit mandate. It is also good practice and one that we advocate. We will not finance any deal without signed paper work. There are a number of different options for your client. They can sign electronically which keeps things very simple or you can send out the paper work for your client to sign and send back. We will then accept a scanned copy from the Brokerage.

We do not believe it is fair to charge the client for not returning paper work. It is the responsibility of the Broker to make sure the paper work is obtained. We will still collect the direct debit unless you instruct us otherwise but we will not be able to release funds to the Brokerage until we receive the signed Credit Agreement and signed Direct Debit mandate. In the worst case scenario we would have to discuss the possibility of cancelling the agreement.

Our usual Direct Debit collections are 3 times a month, on the 1st, 11th and 21st of the month, as this keeps administration simple for everyone.
For Direct brokers we will then pay the brokerage 10 days later, after the first successful collection and with receipt of the signed credit agreement and direct debit mandate. If a customer misses a payment we will let you know on the first working day after. We will automatically collect on the next Direct Debit run 10 days later unless the broker can collect the payment via debit or credit card before the Direct Debit batch is sent to the bank (this is to be transferred to us straight away) if they so wish. There will be a small default administration fee applied, currently £10, to get the agreement back on track.

We focus on service as a priority. In fact many of our clients come to us through word of mouth which is a testament to our team. We have been in the market now for a long time and understand that one size does not fit all so we find flexible solutions to suit you. Not the other way around.

We have many clients that would be delighted to speak to you. Just let us know and we can arrange a phone call so you can get more comfort.

There are no minimum or maximum premiums that we fund. For premiums over £5K we do undertake more stringent due diligence

No, our whole ethos is the client comes first and we do not believe charging fees for small deals is an ethical way to do business.

Please refer to the In-House or Direct solution information page on the web site.

Yes. Bexhill and Orchard formed a group in 2015 and launched on the London Stock Exchange. For more information visit