Bexhill UK Direct Premium Funding Solution

Our Direct facility was launched a few years ago as a result of brokers who liked what we do and wanted an alternative but the In-House solution didn’t work for them. We wanted to release a solution that directly competed with what was already out there but offered brokers more in terms of flexibility, service and control whilst making it as simple to use as possible. We offer a solution which is fair to everyone as we do not impose a minimum usage requirement or excessive default charges.


  • Competitive facility
  • Free to use - No minimum annual usage requirement
  • Customer Service - Our reputation is built on the service we offer
  • Flexibility - We offer bespoke underwriting and you are able to offer your clients 3-12 month terms
  • Simple system - A system which was built with the user in mind
  • Quick settlement - 10 days after the first successful collection of the Direct Debit
  • Low charges to your clients - Low default administration fee and no mid-term adjustment fees
  • E-signature option – Less paperwork and environmentally friendly

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