Bexhill UK Premium Funding Management System for Direct Premium Finance

How does the premium funding management system for direct premium finance work?

Once you have signed a trading agreement with Bexhill UK, we will provide access to the Premium Funding Management System. The rest is simple. All funding, repayment and premium calculations are automatically carried out by the system.

What does the direct premium funding management system do?

Bexhill UK Premium Funding Management System consists of a series of fully interactive workbenches that provide all the systems, procedures and documentation.

The system is fully integrated and extremely simple to operate. No complex calculations are required, and the entire documentation is done automatically. It requires no extra staff, and all users are fully trained by Bexhill UK.


The Client database workbench records each customer's details and a summary of their finance agreements. This provides easy and quick access to your customer information.

Finance Agreements

The Finance Agreement workbench produces, prints and monitors all of your customer finance agreements.


The extensive reporting system embedded within the Premium Funding Management System provides all the information you need.

Bexhill provides extensive training and support to help you operate the system with ease.

The Bexhill UK Premium Funding Management System requires minimal knowledge to get you started. It’s easy to operate and comes with smart and user-friendly features to manage your funding solutions.