Client Interview

Paul Roberts (ACMA CGMA) & Group Finance Director of Asset Sure, talks about the benefits of working with Bexhill Insurance Funding.


What problems, if any, were you trying to resolve by switching to Bexhill?

There were two or three major changes introduced by our previous provider in a short space of time and we did not have any consultation or a clear line of communication to solve such issues. We were unable to have any real sway in getting changes put in place.

How did you hear about us and what made us stand out from your existing provider?

It is a name that has been in the premium finance arena for some time so we were aware of them 

What was the driving force behind you taking “that” step to join Bexhill?

Lack of consultation on changes was the driving force for us to seek another provider. After some initial discussions with Bexhill, we had a good rapport and it was clear we felt we would work well together with similar goals and ambitions.

If you were to tell another Broker about us, what one feature or benefit of our service would you recommend and why?

It is a very personal service and you deal with an individual. Any issues or problems are passed to one person and they get them solved by working with us as a team. That is very reassuring. It is a big step to change provider. The provided excellent reassurance and guidance.

Now that you have worked with us as a partner what has the experience been like and what has really stood out?

It has been an excellent experience and just as we wanted and expected.

Has anything about us surprised you?

No surprises, which is key. We had one or two minor issues but we work together to solve them.